An Introduction to House Inspection

House inspection is a very common practice for each and everyone wanting to invest in a property in Australia, as buying or building a house is the biggest financial decision in one’s life. From a real estate agent to a commoner wanting to buy, sell, rent or renovate the property, got to have their building inspection done by an accredited inspector complying with Australian Inspection standard.

A house inspection report gives detailed description of the condition of the house, allowing the buyers to decide upon factors before signing the deal. House inspection in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and all of Australia is done by a government or private housing inspector abiding the Australian Inspection standards by providing a detailed report to the buyer or seller, giving them details like the condition of the house, pest control, valuation, engineers and plumbing reports etc.

Property inspections are carried out every year especially by real estate agents to gauge the value of the properties in the market. As per a recent survey, one third of properties sold in Australia have serious faults. Hence property inspections like these will give all the details about the major problems in the property and how it will effect as the building ages.

Choosing a suitable qualified person to carry out inspection of a property is a very important thing. One should make sure that the professional inspecting the property and submitting the report should comply with Australian Standard and also has ample insurance cover, so that he can be held accountable and liable for the damages if anything wrong with the report.